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Welcome to Anjo Photo&Archive - World of Pictures.

After a few clicks or a 'mouse-browse' you will find yourself in a 'World of pictures'- an extensive database with pictures within many genres, and of the finest quality.
Anjo Photo&Archive offers a wide range of various assignments e.g. worldwide reportages, features etc. Individual job assignments for special assignments can be arranged. Furthermore web design, text and articles can also be provided, all done in cooperation with customer, designer, journalist and photographer.

All pictures have been individually treated in order to achieve the best picture and reproduction quality. The resolution of the pictures on the net is very low in order to protect the copyright and abuse. Original digital files are available in our archives. If you are interested in pictures for posters, bill-boards or other special jobs, you are most welcome to contact us for delivery of digital files with extra-large resolution. To be able to purchase and order pictures online it is necessary to be registered. After registration a confirming e-mail will be received with valid Username & Password.

Goals & profile
- Delivery of pictures of a high quality, technically as well as content wise.
- Delivery at an agreed time.
- We are committed ethically towards the persons shown on the photographs.
- No images from Anjo Photo&Archive may be used in connection with AIDS or other illnesses without written permission.

''Creativity and perception with the senses are keywords for a good picture''

- Reportage, portrait, feature, advertising, illustration, books and much more, preferably with a creative touch.

- Images are delivered digitally on CD-Rom or e-mail (ink-jet print in A5 or A4, if needed)
- Archive images are delivered as soon as possible, usually one working day after receiving your order in Denmark.
- Archive images are delivered to other countries in accordance with the customer's wishes.

Image Technique
- Format: approx. A4/20 x 30 cm
- Resolution: 300 dpi
- Megabytes: approx. 20-25
- Colour space: Adobe RGB 1998
- Colour depth: 8/24 bit
- File format: JPG/10

- The images will always remain the property of the photographer.
- The original material will always remain the property of Anjo Photo&Archive.
- Lost original material must be replaced.
- Supplied images can be used for the agreed purpose only.
- Property rights must not be infringed upon. Material cannot be loaned out or sold on, without written permission of Anjo Photo&Archive.
- When material is used more than once, an account is to be forwarded containing relevant information.
- When photos are to be used commercially, the onus lies exclusively with the user to gain permission from Anjo Photo&Archive.
- With publication of images, where secondary copyright is in play, the user alone is responsible for any remuneration to a third party.
- Images are not be manipulated, without prior permission from Anjo Photo&Archive in any case.
- Reproduction or photographing of original material is to be done only with the express permission from Anjo Photo&Archive.
- Electronic storage of photographs is for internal use only. All other means of storage is to be done only with the express written permission of Anjo Photo&Archive.

Archive Images
- Commission is to be paid on all supplied images that are kept, by mutual agreement, in the user's archives.
- Anjo Photo&Archive must be informed immediately when images from archive are to be used or re-used.
- If Anjo Photo&Archive is not informed within thirty days, there will be a 100% surcharge per image.
- Alternatively, this information can be sent automatically via a free subscription with publication. The user will be charged for only actual usage.

Price policy
- Price and terms depend on use and size. Individual agreement with can be made. At large quantities or regular delivery attractive prices can be negotiated. For further information please contact us.

- Anjo Photo&Archive owns the copyright to all images and all text on this website.
- When you have decided to use an image or more you can order the digital file from Anjo Photo&Archive.
- In all published material, it must always be headed, 'Anjo Photo&Archive'.
- The user will be solely responsible for any variation of inappropriate or unsuitable use of text and pictures accompanying the publication of the images.
- The user must ensure they acquire the necessary permission from Anjo Photo&Archive.
- If, in the publication of a photograph there is another copyright involved, then the user is solely responsible for any payments of money required by and to the third party. For example, it can include photographs of works of art (object d' arts) or graphics, which the artist has copyright of.
- Photographs must not in any way, be manipulated without beforehand gaining consent from Anjo Photo&Archive. Pictures must be used only for the pre-agreed purpose and not to be forwarded or lent to anyone else.
- Upon being published, a copy is to be sent to Anjo Pphoto&Archive.
- The user has the right to the use of the material once, unless an exception has been made by mutual agreement beforehand.

You are welcome to contact Anjo Photo&Archive for further information about set conditions to the renting out of the images.

Yours sincerely,
Anjo photo&archive
Anastazia Anjofoto

Tel: +45 20875507
(Opening hours 9 am - 4.30 pm, GMT +1)


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